Little Babies Making A Big Trouble…They are so funny

There are many possible causes of difficult behavior in toddlers and young children.

Often this is simply because they are tired, hungry, overexcited, frustrated, or bored.
If problem behavior is causing you or your child distress or upsetting the rest of the family, it is important to deal with it.
What you do must be right for your child, yourself and your family. If you’re doing something you don’t believe in or think is wrong, chances are it won’t work. Children notice when you don’t mean what you say.
If you decide to do something, keep doing it.

Decisions take time to work. Get support from your partner, friend, other parent, or health visitor. It’s good to have someone to talk to about what you’re doing.
Children need consistency. If one day you react to your child’s behavior in one way, and the next in a different way, it confuses him. It is also important that all those close to your child treat his behavior in the same way.

It can be difficult. When your child does something annoying from time to time, your anger and frustration can build up. Sometimes it’s impossible not to show your annoyance, but try to remain calm. As soon as possible, move on to other things that both of you can enjoy or feel good about. Find other ways to deal with your frustration, such as talking to other parents.

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