Couple’s country dance starts like any other until man picks her up and starts spinning her around

No wonder they got 1st place!

So, what really happens when a modern country boy meets a swinging hot lady from a different era?

When the two dance styles mix at the county fairgrounds, it’s an explosion of rockin’ good energy!

What is country swing anyways? Believe it or not, one origin story puts John Travolta’s movie Urban Cowboy at the forefront of this style of dance. According to Country Dance Online:

“The likely origin of country swing came as hustle dancers followed John Travolta off the disco dance floor and into the country bar after the hit movie Urban Cowboy. While western swing music tracks back to the 1930’s or 1940’s the dance style of Country Swing as we see it today look a lot like the hustle of the 1970’s.”

The high energy moves take up very little room on the dance floor, but it’s still big on the acrobatic performance that makes swing dance so fun to watch!

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